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This brick and timber industrial building was built in 1889 by the Peteler Portable Railway Manufacturing Co. whose patented side dump railcar and portable track system expanded rail access around the world. The Gray Tractor Company built farm tractors here starting in 1917. Then in 1928 the building became home to the Harris Machinery Company which specialized in reselling railcar damaged cargo. As the buildings fourth iteration in over 120 years, what remains today following hard use and a major fire, The Market at Malcolm Yards welcomes the neighborhood to revel in the history and enjoy our new path… in the making of a community centered urban food hall.


The Market at Malcolm Yards is dedicated to bringing Minnesotans back together. We’re a community that treasures the tradition of getting together, not just for fun and community, but for a greater good. As a food hall with 9 separate food concepts, a bar with 17 batch cocktails and an innovative self-pour tap wall with beer, wine and non-alcoholic offerings, The Market at Malcolm Yards is definitely a place for people to congregate with friends and family, and find something that everyone can enjoy.

The Market is committed to the development and beautification of the Prospect Park neighborhood, through the revitalization of the historic Harris Machinery building combining the old and the new. We worked closely with the Prospect Park Neighborhood Association, the Towerside Innovation District, the City of Minneapolis and our Council Member, Cam Gordon, to build a thoughtful, safe, inclusive and resilient neighborhood gathering space.

And most importantly, we’re dedicated to helping talented chefs build their businesses with lower overhead costs– providing a launching pad for those who are ready to make their dreams a reality. By elevating fast casual, to gourmet, we’re providing an opportunity for all to enjoy delicious food at an accessible price point.

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