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Abang Yoli offers an interpretation of Asian cuisine; melding elements found in the Southeast region such as Malaysia and Thailand, with the East region, like Korea and Japan.

Korean Style Fried Chicken

Our signature Korean Fried Chicken has become a favorite at The Market and is paired with spicy gochujang, sesame ginger garlic or chili crunch. We offer it in a sandwich as well, served on a japanese milk bun topped with pickled vegetables, asian mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce.


Marinated for 48 hours and chargrilled; our Cauliflower has a depth of unique flavors that are found across East Asia & Southeast Asia. We serve with a crunch chili oil, Asian mayonnaise and herbs. It is gluten free, dairy free, vegan adaptable.




Sauce spice level denoted with:


The Market at Malcolm Yards is proud to replace tipping with an 18.5% Hospitality Surcharge in support of our commitment to provide a professional living wage for our team members. Pursuant to Minnesota Statue 177.23, Subd. 9, this charge is not a gratuity for employee service.

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